Friday, December 2, 2011

Coral Beach, Dunvegan

We went for a long walk on Coral Beach in Dunvegan today. Which is about as articulate as I feel I can be at the moment. Though, it's definitely wonderful to be able to show my dad Skye and beautiful Viewfield. I do wish it weren't quite such winter weather. We caught huge, fluffy snowflakes on the drive in, and our walk today was taunting us. The sun would come out for great visibility of MacLeod's Tables and Loch Dunvegan while we were driving. We'd rejoice only to get smacked in the face with rain and gusts while we were walking. But the waves were lapping and the crushed coral sand was great for staring down at and examining, which was good since it was necessary to keep the rain out of your eyes and the wind from blowing away your hat. 

Hugh wasn't around, so alas, no out of season Dunvegan tour for us. We did get some good views from the beach though. Too bad my iphone wouldn't zoom enough to make the picture worth it. Curled up by the fire now. Stingy eyes. Warm feet. 

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