Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 11 of '11 - Of the Internet

Memes, videos, jokes, whatever you want to call them. I do a links round up every week featuring all the cool shit that I... round up on the internet and these were my favorites.

11. Allie Brosh's amazing Clean ALL the Things multiplies
ALL along the watchtower?

10. Anything Mindy Kaling. Especially this.
You should also probably read her book

9. Anthroparodie
Because what is the point of loving something if you can't mock it relentlessly? Also this

8. Graduate school barbie
So. True. Even when you're bored, it's still true. How is it possible to be both so bored and so stressed?

7. The Downton spoof with Kim Catrall, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders
As much as it sort of ruined watching the show for quite a few of us, this was a total crack up. 

6. Jooey Deschanel
A site for impish teens! How to sound like a music box from the 40s. Why swings can be sad. That is all.

5. If everything were turned into a Broadway musical
My fave is Julie Taymor's Everyone Poops.

4. Katie Roiphe's article about Gawker
Because of this: "To casually and sloppily take down, to ironize, to sneer comes very naturally to us, we can do it in our sleep, but to care, to try, to want, are harder. And to admit that you care or are trying or are wanting, well, forget it: Those will be impossible."

3. Feminist Ryan Gosling
No explanation should be necessary. 

2. Jon Stewart's farewell to Glenn Beck -  Part 1, Part 2
No matter what your politics, I think the world is a better place without fear mongers like Beck in the spotlight. Not to mention, this is simply a virtuoso performance. 

1. Josh Groban sings the tweets of Kanye West.
Screw "best thing on the internet." This was my favorite over all THING that happened in 2011. Until yesterday, when Aly and Dion got ENGAGED!

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  1. #10. Strep vs Candida hahahahaha...
    #6. So his accent
    #1. The best


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