Friday, December 9, 2011

London Lights

At the moment, I'm hiding out in London where the weather is sunny & brisk to avoid the hurricane in Scotland. It wasn't deliberate. Actually just a bit of luck that I was down here for an interview. 

Currently, Mel B. (aka Mel RH B, Mel Royal Highness B) is freestyling in the kitchen while we make mince pies & gingerbread and jam to some cheesy 90's Christmas tunes such as this little gem & obviously this one. We even have edible glitter to go on the mince pies. Yes, that is a real thing. Later, we're going to the Portobello market and I know am planning on jusssst luxuriating in this sun. 

Yesterday around dusk, as we strolled past the Christmas decorations and through Westminster back to Pimlico, I snapped a few lights shots of my own. Happy Friday, everyone! 

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