Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from Tigerlily

Umm, so it's a little early to be celebrating Christmas, but I just got my Christmas Card from Tigerlily and needed to share. Because, ya know, Happy Saturday. Nothing reminds us of the joy of the holiday season like a small screaming child wondering why she's been placed in the arms of a fat, beardy stranger. 

I thought her Thanksgiving ballerina outfit was something, but this really takes the cake: pink tutu, legwarmers, leather jacket. This kid is priceless. Watch and enjoy her full sentences and general awesomeness. I still can't believe she's only a year and half and she says stuff like, "I'll just close that."

Only ten days until I get to see her. Sometimes you just need some please, please, ok, ok, ok. 

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