Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Links Round Up

I haven't done a links round up in a while, and rather than continuing this annoying trend I've been on where I don't post my blog until late afternoon, I'm going to do one today, so I can keep working on my stuff about the bullfight and tell you all about it tomorrow. 

It's been a crazy yet stagnant sort of week, perfect for consuming too many things on the internets. I'd now like to share some of them with you. 

-My wonderful cousin's apartment has gotten SO much press. Totally deserving. When I used to stay there while watching her cat, I felt total bliss. She is a pro

-Move over, bankers. Reading fiction IS valuable, bitches!

-Remember those amazing custard tarts I was telling you about at Pasteis de Belem? Recipe! Doubt they're as good as the monks', but whatareyagonnado? 

-Please consider signing this petition. Dan Rottenberg's comments about rape victims are bordering on insane. 

-I like stealing what Sara McC likes and then realizing it was something I already liked. We're just connected like that. ("Whoa, you are the fourest 4 ever and I am the ninest 9." Yes we are.) Oh, and cellllloooooos. 

-This is bleak, man. So, is this. Perhaps even bleaker still, as I scrolled down the Lifestyle page of the Huffington Post, these were the headlines I saw back to back to back: "Diet drinks can make you fatter," "Is your shampoo making you fat," "Do women become invisible at age 46?" The amount of fearmongering leveled at women is just..... I can't. I can't. 

I bought things this week, guys. When I feel blue, I don't emotionally eat, I don't drink or detonate any important relationships (usually). I just go to Anthropologie. And I definitely did that this week:

-This candle smells exactly like my memories of being seventeen. With a name like Blithe & Bonny, I thought they were a local company. Sadly, they're in Cali. Either way, I am luxuriating in honey and almond.

-I've been trying to spruce up our black, white and wood bathroom. As we all know, nothing Anthro bath related sells for less than $476528976435876435.00. So when I saw a bathmat for 20 pounds?!? I was all over that. 

-A new design K Hole over here at Design Observer. Sigh. It's a good thing I'm my own boss. 

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