Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ryann's Youth Hostel

This post is late because I've felt the need to just be lazy today. I've had a constant stream of visitors to the point where I feel like I've opened a youth hostel. Even my beloved room is full and I'm on the couch. 

I love hosting everyone and seeing everyone, but all combined, and back to back, I needed to have a day with no tourist activities. Hope you're having as relaxing a Saturday as I am. 


  1. Something about your aesthetic sensibilities just BREAKS MY HEART. More IS more, lady. Love it. Womb room for life. xoxoxo

  2. Ryan FromoltzJuly 30, 2011

    Ryann- I love reading your blogs. When I start teaching English I want to have my students mimick your blogs, when we use technology. They are great.

  3. Thanks to you both! What sweet comments! Womb room 4-eva!

  4. i wanna be a part of Hostel Ryann. seriously. can i stay in that room? it looks awesome. edinburgh is too far from wyoming. too far, damnit.


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