Thursday, July 14, 2011

Music Schizophrenia

...Is the theme of today's post. It matches the weather. Which is making me insane. Today it was supposed to be ugly. It's beautiful. But I'm working. Tomorrow, when it said all week it was going to be nice, now says it's going to rain all weekend. And I had planned to go play in the nice weather in St Andrews. I never thought I'd be excited to get to some suffocating, hot NYC or Vegas Summers, but bring it on. 

In the meantime, it's good to listen to Gaelic music to remember why I love it here. And to listen to crazy pop mash-ups because they allow me to (very briefly) remember being a West Coast teenager soaking up rays by a pool and riding around in Gia's BMW with the sun roof open, blasting music, the smell of grape lotion filling the air, with no where in particular to go.


  1. Grey day in LA if it makes you feel any better. :) And that's the JAM. Love it. xoxoxo

  2. It does actually make feel better. thank you. :) Isn't it fun? I missyou. xoxox Remember how Katy Perry is the mayor of Los Angeles? And how you danced around to Firework on the street in Edinburgh in front of the ferris wheel? And how I have video of it? Because I do. Yay!


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