Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Links

If you thought there might be two days in a row of nice weather in Scotland, you thought wrong. On the upside, with only three streets in St Andrews, you're bound to run into people, like I did with my pal Adam Kay-- who may or may not be starting his third (THIRD!!) PhD at Oxford and we had a nice creative/philosophical catch up over coffee. 

That's why I'm back in E'burgh so late, and why, if I plan on getting this pelmet made (watch out, I now have a glue gun) I'm going to hit you with some sweet links instead of writing anything coherent (assuming you think that what I normally write is coherent). 

-What happens when an email goes unanswered? These ideas about the internet continue to fascinate me. “The Internet is something very informal that happened to a society that was already very informal.” Word. 

-More thought provoking stuff from the On the Human Series. This time, about the sacred and the humane

-Sure wish I could see my pals Andrew, Courtney & Adam rock it out as Omar, Aladdin & Jasmine in Disney's Broadway aimed production of Aladdin

-I still love This Recording, even though their attempts to replace Molly Lambert aren't much to write home about. (Because you cannot replace her. She is marvelous.) Nevertheless, I have to wonder why they keep re-publishing this story about Grace Kelly being a slut. It was interesting. But back off. We got it. It's like the third new title for it. 

-I like this house!
-Hey, it's my professor, writing from Greece for Granta. 
-This might be my new favorite blog for mindless pretty photo scanning. Scroll down with me and say "Ooooh."
-And finally, the official video for Washed Out single Eyes Be Closed. Not sure I would have gone this direction, but oh well: Happy Monday!

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