Sunday, July 31, 2011

Edinburgh in the Mist

I love how even on grey, misty summer days, the colors in Edinburgh (other than the sky) are still so vivid. Our biggest sightseeing day while the New York girls were here was just such a day. today. I'm glad they got the foggy Scottish weather and not just the beautiful sunshine though. I wouldn't want them to have a false impression. Haha. 

It was so chilly, I needed the soft comfort of a Fat Face sweatshirt I've had my eye on. I think the weather was good medieval ambience for when we went to the castle (my first time back in about seven years) I took pictures anyhow, but the iphone cam just can't do what my canon could do. Good thing I'll have a brand new Nikon D3100 waiting for me when I get to NYC. Beautiful HD, I can't wait to take you for a test drive. 

Three more sleeps 'til NYC! Happy Birthday to the beautiful Erin! I miss you every day!

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