Sunday, July 3, 2011

New York, I'm running back to your sweet sweet arms

uly 4th weekends in NYC were always some of the funnest. From rooftop cookouts to evenings by the pool in South Amboy with my faves and our insistence that THIS year, we would finally all pitch in for a margarita machine... I have a lot of fond memories of America's Birthday spent in America's finest spot. 

And even though I can't be in NYC this year, I can officially say to all my New York friends that I'll be back in town from August 3-16. I want to see all of you.

Sadly, it's just the two weeks for now, considering I was just given the official word that the man is going to let me stay and become a doctor. They even appointed three whole people to watch me and make sure I don't get out of line: John Burnside, Lesley Glaister, and (this came as a surprise) the poet/novelist Jacob Polley.  It's a dream team as far as I'm concerned and I'm pumped to get down to business. 

But first, I can't wait to see you (and I mean YOU) in the Big Apple. 

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