Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Listening aka the world is small: Washed Out- Perry, Georgia Represent

You probably already know the world is small, but I like daily reminders of it. Can't stop listening to the new full length Washed Out album. Taylor says, "That guy's from Perry." I say, "MY Perry? Perry, GA? Land of the small stake of idyllic childhood I could eke out and forty year home of my Grandmother? Burial place of my grandfather?" Yes. 

Not only that, but turns out, good old Ernest Greene is married to one of my favorite childhood playmates, Blair (granddaughter of one of my all-time most inspirational female role models/ my grandmother's best friend, Miss Billie). 

The album, Within and Without doesn't come out until July 12, but I'm happy to pimp this album out to anyone I can. Listen on NPR for yourself and hit up that pre-order on itunes. It's only $7.99. I'm especially loving Amor Fati, (which, I laughed reading one comment about: "I heard this was leaked from God's ipod" ha! Personally, I could hear it in one of the closing scenes of, say, Sixteen Candles.) Far Away, Before, & the title track. Which all manage to sound like summer to me, but, like a summer in isolation, which is what the rest of this summer promises to be with the amount of writing I've committed myself to finishing. 

Hope you're having a fab Saturday!

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