Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adele sings my favorite song

In case you missed this, here is another fave of mine covering my favorite song. Thankfully, (unlike Bon Iver's cover) Miss Adele does not disappoint. That being said, I do wish she'd done a few more variations. Hope you're having a lovely Saturday. It's storming here again. (Shocker!) This song on just a piano is a pretty good song for weather like this and 8 hours of writing. 


  1. Oh I kinda like the Bon Iver version, but it's been established I have no taste, so do ignore. And I know this is beside the point of this lovely post, but HOW does Adele get her hair to do that!? Bump-Its??? xoxo

  2. there's nothing *wrong* per se with bon iver's cover. I just dont' think he's enough of a straight vocalist to pull it off. And! Not to mention my disappointment...because, when I saw that it was on his album, what I was expecting a a crazy produced, weird, pitch shifted number. And instead I got him at a piano. Which is ok. But it's really a vocalist's song. Which Adele general. And Bon interesting... as a vocalist...but he's not... like a set of Pipes. Ya know??

    BUMP ITZ. She's Klass. All the way.


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