Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday in St Andrews

Here are things I'm excited about today besides the sunny weather. 

The first stills are out from the God of Carnage film. I'm excited about the casting. This was one of my favorite things I saw on the Broadway in all 5 years I was seeing everything. I saw all three casts. I can't wait to see Kate Winslet upchuck on those tulips. 

Michael Riedel said something nice about someone! I'm sure glad it was my friend and favorite, Duncan Sheik and his new show The Nightingale. I'm sad to be missing this one at Vassar. 

Celebrating Marfa, Texas. (Boy, am I pumped to get some Texas time in this September.)

Because I just can't stop decorating, I'm planning on doing this to my bookcase. The turquoise. But a little darker. 

Maybe in my next round of decor, or next house, I'll work up the courage for wallpaper

Hope you're having a sunny Sunday!

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