Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Hat Friday- Miriam Robertson

For years, I've been on a quest to become a hat person. It hasn't been easy with the mess of curly hair that I have. Living amongst Brits has certainly helped though, because (as anyone who watched the royal wedding knows) Brits have a much more extensive flair for hats. (Before you bring it up, Americans, the tendency to wear baseball hats does not count.) 

More than even just the variety of quality products, there are simply more occasions where it's acceptable to wear a hat. And the lovely milliners making bespoke head ware are to be highly valued! We are not just talking about gluing ribbons on hats, here. 

My friend Miriam, of Miriam Robertson Millinery is definitely one to note. (Seriously, she's so adorable. She's half French and half Scottish.) I just saw these lush gorgeous photos of some of her new stuff and am brainstorming how soon I can flat iron my hair and get to an outdoor event worthy of one of them . 

Her website is just lovely and has little numbers for occasion wear and day wear. (I'm in love with some of those!) Also in day wear-- if you still just can't bring yourself to take the leap into statement head dressings-- are some awesome headbands, etc. Check it out and have a great Friday! 

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