Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New York Nostalgia

Considering I live in a nearly perpetual state of nostalgia, I'm often thinking about what my favorite places were like in other eras. I'd love to go down and look at some of the old city plans for Edinburgh to see how buildings were originally purposed. And New York is just opening a can of worms. There are about 7 different eras in NYC history that I'd love to be able to check out. But let's just call NYC from the 1940's-1970's one era and let's just say I'd like to go there. 

Thanks to these gems, we can just a little bit. Check out all of them in full size here (my favorite is the South Ferry Bums) at the Business Insider. Courtesy of Indiana University. 

Also, today it's time again for the numinous Manhattanhenge. I'm sorry to be missing it. Cities are beautiful, people!

1942: looking West on 42nd Street from 8th Ave. I used to work in that green building. So did Jackie Kennedy. 
4th Ave from Astor Place. My old neighborhood. My walk home everyday.
Nice to know some things stay exactly the same in New York. 

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  1. Numinous is a fantastic word.

    I may see you to tell you this before you read this.


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