Monday, July 25, 2011

Slice of Monday

The dude abides. A recipe for White Russian cake. Delicious. (We had an interesting discussion of the word "dude" this weekend. Say what you want, but I'll probably never phase it out thanks to The Big Lebowski.)

-I agree. Don't give terrorists a platform for their message. 

-Dorky BBC 1 DJ Greg James does a tribute Robyn's amazing "Call Your Girlfriend" video. I laughed. 

-How about a vacay here? Monachyle Mohr is a boutique hotel where Taylor will work come fall. It's pretty isolated and they catch all the food on the property and cook it fresh daily. Let's go visit!

-Speaking of Caucasians, An interesting article (and lively commentary afterward) deconstructing James Taylor's "Whitest Guy in Music" legacy

-On that note, how, I ask you HOW could a Jay-Z and Kanye track called OTIS, sampling the perfection that is Otis Redding, as an homage to Otis Redding be THIS BAD?? Oh. Kanye. That's how. I was elated. The potential! And then I was so so depressed. It hurt my ears. The screaming.  Just listen to "Try a Little Tenderness" instead.  Here's hoping your Monday is better than this. 

-Like maybe this instead. Get into some Fado. 


  1. Kenya East just irritates the hell out of me...that was horrible!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yeah, it really frosts my cookies when people mess up Otis. Otis is the man.


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