Friday, April 26, 2013

Replug into Poetry Friday Links

Hands down, this was the busiest week I've had since choosing to go to work for myself. There seems to be some kind of strange axiom of the universe that everything happens, is due, requires your attention all in the same window of time. 

I'd always rather be busy than bored, but ooh boy, this week was timed within an inch of its life. It even cut into my leisurely breakfast time and Griffith Park time-- aka-- my favorite parts of living. On the up side, so many exciting projects going on though and I'm so honored and inspired to be a part of them. 

Luckily, I was also able to squeeze in a trip to a poetry potluck on Wednesday night. When I'm away from communities like the one I had at St. Andrews, I feel like I'm leading an alternate life. I feel like I have many alternate lives. Like an undercover agent or something. But then I plug back into one of those other sides of myself and I'm reawakened. 

Hearing everyone's poems on Wednesday was so needed. I even read one of my own. And it was nice to be open to more American poets. I've definitely been largely unplugged from them the past few years. And yet. American poets make me long for British poets. Who are the soul of my soul. Leaving the potluck, all I wanted to do was listen to Simon Armitage read Mist. And so I promptly took a moment to myself and did. 

If you need a moment in the chaos, I recommend you do so as well. 
Here are your links. 

- Kate Walsh on succeeding after 35
- I sent this to Torcuil. My most favorite primitive hunter-mystic.
- Speaking of Scottish men.
- Anne Carson.
- Cool NYC art project!
- Innnnnteresting
- More on creative people! Like seriously, what's wrong with us?
- Happy 67th Birthday, John Waters! Here' 67 quotes.
- Stop saying the wrong thing.
- Cool Forbes write up of my homey Mark Fisher's Fitness Empire
- More Claire Vaye Watkins!
- This list is a travesty. Jon Snow only the 17th hottest man on GoT? LIES. 
- RIP George Jones


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