Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Broadway Want to See - PIPPIN

I have huge soft spot in my heart for Pippin. It was the first musical I ever had a non-acting creative role on back in college. (Prepping me for an entire career in under-appreciated, non-acting creative roles in theatre.) I always thought the Leading Player should be played by woman, as a jealous woman. Basically, I wanted a female Ben Vereen. And lo and behold! It's all that plus Cirque du Soleil! 

It looks about as high concept and spoof of high concept and meta as it could possibly be. And that's just how it should be!

The positive buzz on this is off chain and I can't wait to get back to NYC in June to see this little jewel. I'm super jealous of my old friend Sonny who's playing keys on this. With the exception of the terrible cheat lyric "Doodle-ee-doo" (wisely edited out of  this promo video) this is one of my favorite scores. Some of Schwartz's best. I still get pretty misty-eyed in the most classic musical theatre-y way when I hear "Morning Glow" in a capela harmony. And I've been known to throw a little "Spread a Little Sunshine" around after an alcoholic beverage or two. 

If you're in NYC, head to the Music Box and report back to me ASAP!!

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