Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jay Shells - Rap Quotes Street Signs

New York artist Jay Shells (the man we can all thank for Subway Etiquette) is going around NYC posting fake street signs with the lyrics from rap songs calling out that particular spot. He doesn't expect the signs to be up too long. Either the city will take them down, or, more likely, rap enthusiasts will bring them home. 

In any case, it makes me smile thinking about them there. Maybe I'll find one or two when I'm back in NYC later this month.

And in case rap lyrics for some reason still elude you (and this makes me recall one of my favorite life memories-- that of Spellman translating/explaining the lyrics to "Regulate" to young Brit, Tom on the way to a Dodgers game) I'll throw in this bonus: Understand Rap. There's also a companion book. Enjoy. Happy Tuesday.

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