Monday, April 15, 2013

The Day of the Show - Singing & Dying with Nicholas & Alexandra

What an exciting day! Later this afternoon, we'll be premiering Nicholas & Alexandra for the first time ever in its entirety in a private reading in NYC. The people in this cast make me kind of giddy and there's years-long connections galore in that room. After meeting our Nicholas & Alexei yesterday, I started to even out my nerves. 

I've spent years trying and failing and grieving with the Romanovs. It's just been me, Steven, and their story for a long time. (Well, and Autumn!) It feels really good to flesh out the rest of Autumn's family. To give them shape and channel their empathy along with ours into this story. To have the support of so many people behind how we've chosen to tell this story. I have a feeling I'm probably going to cry at least once today.

Since we can't have all of you, we're making some of the tracks from our concept album available to listen to for one day only. 

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