Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday Part 2 - NYC - Friday Links

Greetings from gross and rainy NYC! When I was here this exact time last year-- much like this year, to celebrate my birthday as well as a career milestone-- it was GORGEOUS. It made me wonder why I had ever left NYC in the first place while back in London it was raining for months and months. 

Now, I'm quite thankful I reside in Los Angeles. Spring time forever! 

I am quite excited to celebrate another year with my core NYC people, however. New Yorkers! Head on down to Lillie's Union Square tonight for some libations with me. 

Also to premiere Nicholas & Alexandra to an extremely select group of folks on Monday. Yep, that's right. FINALLY. More on that to come. Off to finish up the details of the reading. Here are your links. 

- This rad hotel in Mexico
- VERY happy for the good Matilda reviews. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.
- What to do when someone you love likes music you hate.
- New music from Boy, "Little Numbers."
- Cute new home goods line.
- On the recommendation of Claire Vaye Watkins: post-feminist life in arts & letters
- I want to EAT THIS!
- Drop Dead Gorgeous + Disney Princesses, woot. 

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