Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Musical Early Birthday Gifts

My birthday's not until Friday, but clearly, many of my favorites know me well and are joining me in celebrating my birthday all week. And I thank them for their musical gifts. 

New live tracks from Milo Greene, there's a a few new tracks from CHVRCHES, and even Lennon and Maisy Stella kicked The Lumineers to the curb with their cover of "Ho Hey." You guys. Buy this

Before I was a writer, or a New Yorker... Before I went to Scotland...Before I was anything at all, I was a country musician's kid. I think that's at the most fundamental bedrock of my DNA. In fact! Speaking of being a country musician's kid, even my dad sent along some new and old school tracks he's been working on lately. 

Which is why I like bands like Milo Greene at the end of the day. And why Nashville is the show I most look forward to every week. Lennon and Maisy Stella make me cry. If I'd had a real sister, we would have been like them. Because I would have bullied us into being so. Also... they're Canadian. I cannot. I overflow with love. 

Thanks for these bitchin' birthday gifts, guys. I share them now with my small but mighty readership. 


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