Monday, April 1, 2013

All The Buildings in New York

Australian artist/illustrator James Gulliver Hancock started this project while he was experiencing a nomadic period in his life I'm well familiar with. He lived in Vienna, Paris, London and started drawing the buildings as a way to become more intimate with the cities he was in and distance himself from the feeling of being a tourist. 

Now that he spends most of his time in New York-- a city he says we all romanticize in one way or another (preach.)-- his mission is to make his way through the boroughs drawing all the buildings in New York. You can sort by type, by neighborhood, by borough... just... AH!

It fulfills a deep part of me to both romanticize, fetishize, fixate and also to organize, to put something huge and complicated and beautiful into an artistic space feasible to wrap my brain around. That's one thing I've always liked about NYC anyhow... my ability to conceptualize its entirety because of its geographical size, prevalence of landmarks and organization into grids, boroughs and neighborhoods with relatively neat borders. (Same goes for Edinburgh. Not for London or for LA.)

I have to tell you,art projects like this turns me into a kid on a sugar high. I love it. I love it. Happy Monday. 

(Also, Happy April Fool's Day, if you're into that sort of thing. I don't really participate in that because feeling foolish is perhaps my least favorite feeling and I certainly don't wish it on anyone else.)

All the Buildings in New York from Marisa Guzman-Aloia on Vimeo.

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