Friday, April 5, 2013

It's My Birthday! Friday Links

Hey, guess what... it's my birthday! I'm feeling pretty good about it this year. The past few days have really instilled a nice hopeful feeling about the next at least six months or so and that's a feeling I haven't had in a while. 

Tonight, I'll be celebrating with friends and later this weekend, I'll be partaking of the lovely gift from my guardian angel, Dena, and hitting up Burke Williams Spa with McC. We'll be sure to document our luxuriating in review form of the famous Burke Williams. 

Then, next week it's off to NYC for round two of celebrating, and more specifically, for the first ever reading of Nicholas & Alexandra. I'm so happy. Spring in New York and a brand new musical. That, my friends, is living. 

- What it's like to be a real life mermaid? I always wanted to be one of those...
- Birth of the NHS
- The dark side of ex-pat life
- Most beautiful abandoned places
- TONX ethical coffee
- Duane Allman's daughter gives us a low down
- This is probably the best article about Rosie I've ever read.
- I laughed. Those annoying poor people.
- This book.
- Lindy West. Killing it as always.
- How to fail for a decade and be okay.
- Terra Incognita is SO beautiful!

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