Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Legacy - Some Thoughts on Boston

It was strange and poignant to be in our reading yesterday when we all received the news about the Boston marathon bombings. I had just been saying to Steven the day before that even though Nicholas & Alexandra is a period piece about historical figures, I think its issues are contemporary to today. Most of Nicholas & Alexandra's actions were rooted in a deep sense of fear that they had felt since childhood-- the fear of living under constant threat of physical violence. 

One of the saddest things about terrorist activities-- and why violent methods are used to make a point-- is the cloud of fear they attempt to create in large groups of people. But no one makes their best decisions out of fear. It's encouraging to hear so much light-based rhetoric after yesterday. The messages going viral are largely about looking for the helpers in terrible situations, and how as many people who try to do harm in the world, there are more of us who want to do healing, creating, and loving. So look for those people. And decide that it's those people, that idea, those messages that will remain when we're gone and serve as our legacy. 

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