Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Towsley EP Release - Razorblade

You may recall the story of the great subway friending of 2008. Pete, of said story, has been kicking ass as a photographer and musician so hard core lately that today, he releases his EP (As Towsley) and he even did his own cover art, etc. 

I think I enjoy the successes of my friends even more than my own. It frees me up to stop being nervous and just gush. Pete left a pretty set-up life in Southern California and headed to NYC with his amazing girlfriend, Susie, while she got her doctorate. He had to rebuild his entire music career. Looks like it worked. I sure am glad I could help. I introduced him to Dion and they're been playing together/besties ever since. If you know me, you know that this kind of scenario (along with the existence of music at all, in general) is my favorite human experience. The connecting. 

Pete sent me the tracks early so I could take a listen. I was expecting them to be good, but I was so genuinely impressed, particularly with the guitar melodies. It's no secret that I'm partial to piano. It's rare I hear anything on guitar that makes me sit up and take notice. But the first time I listened to "I'm Ready Now," (a title that felt really apt for my own current state) I was reminded of what a great guitar melody can do. My other favorite track: Lankershim. Because who can resist a super-specific love song full of all the little details. Especially when you know the couple! 

The 5 song EP is out today. You can get it here. For you New Yorkers out there, you're in super luck. Head over to the Release Party & Show tonight at The Bitter End at 9PM. Kick off the Independence Day holiday right. For more info, check out the facebook event here

Here's a live vid too of the title track, Razorblade. Enjoy!

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