Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gossamer Given - Love Is Greed

Here's a good Sunday song-- my favorite from the new Passion Pit album, Gossamer. (Amazingly, it's still available to listen to in its entirety on NPR's First Listen.) They've always seemed like a Death Cab/ Postal Service kind of rip off for me (vocally, at least) and this album is hit and miss for me. But there's some great and enormously enjoyable summer music on here. 

That opening to "Love Is Greed" sounds like something Jonsi could have done. Oh, that Jonsi. But there's more.  It's like a cross between that, and Van Halen "Right Now" and Beach Boys "Feel Flows" and one more... what is it? What am I thinking of? Ten points to whoever can tell me the missing component song that this intro reminds me of. In the meantime, hope you're enjoying a lovely Sunday. 

Update: Ten Points goes to The Newsroom, for the reminder. Baba O'Riley

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