Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Communications - Hearst's Most Retouched

Angelinos & news or photography enthusiasts: remember how William Randolph Hearst was crazy like a fox and would essentially do anything to sell a paper? Including clean up, direct, misdirect and just generally retouch all kinds of pics? Well, when the Herald Examiner folded in 1989, they donated all kinds of fun, quirky & disturbing evidence of this (their entire photo morgue, actually) to the Los Angeles Public Library

I'm a big fan of details with Las Vegas/Los Angeles cross-over appeal, so I'm intrigued by the photos of Bugsy Siegel's death, which were actually cleaned up to be LESS gory-- atypical for Hearst. I also love the moment when current events or history becomes art. And even further, when the manipulation of public institutions-- like the news-- can be a vehicle for art as social commentary. I could go on here, but I'll save it. 

The exhibition, Edited for Publication: Photographic Manipulations in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner is on at the Los Angeles Public Library until August 31. I know if I make it out that way before the end of August, I will for sure be checking this out. 

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