Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Links

Well, the Olympics start today. Because of that, obviously, the weather has taken a turn back to the usual: dreary rain. The upside is that I've been spending my evenings reading with small children on the terrace while the sun sets and music from the Hyde Park concerts drifts past. The downside is that they promise to disrupt my going away party and probably the open house I'm having to try to fill my room when the girl I had lined up dropped out a week before I'm leaving the country. 

I don't enjoy being organized on these matters only to be stuck with the same amount of stress and scrambling as if I hadn't been organized at all. I was planning on living off the money from my returned deposit, so... we'll see what happens now. Absolutely no one is available to let a girl in to see the place on Saturday while both Fiona and I are in Rome. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a great example of the lack of a solid support system in London for me. And part of why I know it's time to go. Sure... it could get built over time... but... yeah. Anyhow, the links:

- My friend Amy's Salon article about racism and the Olympics
- How persuasion works (clearly, I have a hit/miss track record with this)
- Oh, awesome. The super rich are hiding 21 trillion in various offshore tax havens. 
- The amazing Frank Rich on America's decline
- Solidarity with single moms. But I do think kids should have 2 parents. At least!
- The science of Compassion
- Free Bates! Downton's Third Season is almost here!
- Thanks for the shout out, Time Out New York Kids Blog
- Whoops, Romney. (Always, apparently.)
- My friend made phillycheesesteak ice cream. Check it. 
- Oh, nuclear river and your unidentifiable monsters! I return to you in one week

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