Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Broadway Workshop's Production of Vote!

With all the work lately on Nicholas & Alexandra, I haven't been paying much attention to our first born. But that doesn't mean all has been quiet on the VOTE! front. This past weekend, The Broadway Workshop presented a student version of the show with local New York performing arts students. 

I was obviously in London, but Steven was there to see it and said it was delightful. I'm looking forward to the watching party we'll have when I make my return to NYC. In the meantime, I have loved scrolling through the photos and knowing the exact moment from the show the photo is capturing. I doubt I will ever get sick of listening to kids sing those tight harmonies, or getting to know the young people who participate in the show. 

Some of them are all grown up now and doing amazing things. And if I were the real Ms. Fowler, I'd be giving them all fuzzy little feathers and telling them to fly the nest. But the cherubs from Bloomington, St Andrews, Houston and now New York are always going to be my little baby birdies no matter where they go and what they do. It is enormously gratifying to work with students. Whatever else happens in my career, I'm glad that the first thing was working with young people and I hope that whatever else happens, I keep getting to work with students. 

And, bonus: speaking of harmonies, have you seen this a capella version of The Beach Boy's "Wouldn't it Be Nice"? Just another reminder that tight harmonies trump almost everything else and make life way more fun to live. 

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