Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ballerina Project

Have you heard about the beautiful Ballerina Project from Hawaiian/New Yorker photographer, Dane Shitagi? If you read this, I bet you're the kind of person who does. But oh, you must go look again. For a couple of years now, he's been taking gorgeous pics of dancers in natural spaces, their homes, in inclement weather, draped over a refrigerator door on a hot day.... 

I've been meaning to blog it about for ages now. When I have a tough day in the city, sometimes I just go and scroll. My stepmother was a dancer and I've always been a bit envious of them. I never really had the body type (let's not even get into issues of coordination) but I always wanted to live in toe shoes. 

Instead, I had a year long phase where I rocked tap shoes everywhere I went. I'll allow your imagination to how endearing (annoying) that was for everyone around me. At least I had ringlets. And that's why they called me Shirley Temple. 

In any case, check out Shitagi's work. You can purchase them as well. 

I promise I'll be back to blogging at a decent hour tomorrow. 

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