Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

I blame Billy Crystal, (or maybe just dear Nora Ephron) but no one in this country can seem to make out the meaning of this song. Here's a really good chart with the Scots on there. I both welcome and resent a little all the changes that have been made to the song over the years. "My Jo" to "My dear," "braes" to "slopes," gowans" to "daisies" and most especially, pronouncing syne as zein. But at least old Rabbie Burns's tune is cemented for good. 

My favorite version will always be Sophie's. And the other melody. Which is sadder. And more true, I think. 

But I was happy to have this version from one of my favorite new bands, Lord Huron, to listen to these past few days. Minus the awful orchestrations. 


  1. The most beautiful version of that song I've ever heard. And I have to tell you: your best of posts are too helpful. iTunes got quite the workout yesterday when I purchased half of your best album list. Thanks, as always, for writing.

  2. wait, which version? Sophie's or Lor Huron?
    In any case, glad to be of service! More like, thanks for READING! Hope you're well!!! xoxooxox


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