Thursday, January 3, 2013

BaubleBar is Hiring!

Perhaps it is a contradiction in terms to post one day about the high price of materialism and the next about jobs in consumerism...however! Everybody's gotta get paid and most everyone wants to look pretty. And at the fundamental level, I'm super proud of one of my oldest and bestest pals from childhood, Daniella. Her company, Baublebar, is like the gold standard in affordable jewelry. And you can flip a page of US Weekly or whathaveyou in the line for the grocery store (actually, they don't have that at Trader Joe's and that's the only place I shop, but you get the idea) without spotting pictures of every starlet on that planet wearing some gorgeous morsel from Daniella and Amy's venture. 

Daniella and I became friends in junior high because we were neighbors, sort of. We'd walk home from school a lot together until we both finally got cars. I rolled in the same group of girls for pretty much my entire childhood. A gift I didn't realize was so valuable at the time. Daniella and I had a lot of the same irritations with adolescence and high school-- wanting to get somewhere that valued people for their brains, etc etc. She went to Penn and the Harvard. I went to Rice and the St Andrews, but we were neighbors again for a long time in the East Village too, when she had a sweet deal on a place on 4th and A....and I did not have a sweet deal on either 4th and B or 4th and Second. But, ah, that delightful neighborhood!

Anyhow, BaubleBar is hiring! Most notably for anyone reading this blog, the Social Media Coordinator. New Yorkers, get on this one! I know I'd probably be all over it if I were there. I like their style, and by that, I mean their attitude. I think it's a really good sign when a company asks you what your 'at-bat' song would be. 

They also just opened their first brick & mortar store on Fifth Ave this fall!

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  1. I got so excited. .. until I realized it's in New York! Got any leads here?


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