Friday, January 18, 2013

The Get Real Friday Links

McC and I frequently discuss the state of blogging. I still think blogging is writing. And is about ideas. (Or should be.) Not just a glorified way to hawk products or gain sponsorship or ask soul-searingly obvious questions, or give soul-searingly obvious advice. 

I suppose I just think you should be contributing something to a conversation. And asking an obvious question as substitute for a hard question isn't the same thing. I guess this is why I have a problem with a lot of (not all, but a lot of) "here's what I wore today" blogs and whatnot. 

And the line was really crossed for me with the blog mentioned below in my first link of this Friday. It's difficult for me to sum up all the reasons this is the nexus of everything that makes my stomach turn about blogging (and sort of by extension, America?) but it feels like the perfect crystallization of all that is inane and wasteful about blogging and American culture. A corporate sponsor for a braid bar. You must be joking. Every mention of the move to Paris being referred to as Paris, France. Yes, we know. I'm sure you wouldn't be flaunting a move with your two kids to Paris, Texas. 

I don't really make it a point to call people out in writing, unless it's to give kudos, but... oh man. I like my blogs with a heavy dose of the get real. I think blogs are a daily tonic of get real. Of reconciling one's ideal with their reality and making peace with that. Not some twee luxurious quirk overdose. Maybe a lot of people don't want ideas in their blogs, just pretty pictures. Maybe if I posted more pictures of my outfits or hosted more parties with corporate sponsorship, I'd have thousands and thousands of readers each day, instead of a hundred or so that I have. But I'll still with my ideas and my readers who want those, thank you very much. 

At the end of the day, I think everyone is just doing their best--- blog offenders included-- but also, please... come on...

A Bing sponsored Braid Bar? With Letterpress braiding instructions? We've reached the lowest low with vapid blogging. 

- Speaking of inane and obvious, PippaTips mocks P. Middleton's "book."
- Famed British photographer, Rankin, is leaving LA and heading back to the UK. Take me with you!
- Las Vegas does have some wild street names. I grew up on Ramrod. Too bad it wasn't Tupac Ln.
- Still considering the white & gold version of this for my foyer. Someone talk me out of wallpaper.
- Digging a lot of this Scotch & Soda line
- A pal of mine, Chad Hartigan is rocking Sundance with this awesome review
- My interview for the Theological Seminary program I did as a teenager. Nice to be asked spiritual questions. 
- Argumentative fallacies I learned in high school forensics. Wish the Republican Party would read this

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