Monday, January 14, 2013

London Night - 1934

Like with Denim London, something just feels right about a London cast in shades of eerie blue. 

This series is actually a photo series from the 1930's that feels both otherworldly and also very immediate. I feel sucked into these haunting images, but also slightly scared someone might jump out from behind one of those columns and mugs me. 

These photos-- of a London that would soon disappear with the coming of the second world war -- were curated by two photographers John Morrison and Harold Burdekin into a book called London Night. It's out of print, but thanks to Vintage enthusiasts, The Library Time Machine,  many of the photos have been made available for viewing online.  All the photos in the series are prime examples the advances that were made in night photography at the time. The word that gets thrown around to describe them is "atmospheric" and I couldn't agree more. 

For more on London Night, check out here (sorry, its the Daily Mail.) and here. Thanks to the lovely Caroline for sending these my way!

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