Thursday, January 17, 2013

LA Furniture Angel - Disregarden

Winter '12-'13 will probably go down in history as the winter of the Melrose Trading Post. I've circled that place with various friends nearly every Sunday of this colder than I'd expected Los Angeles season. The biggest score came the first weekend, though, when McC and I discovered Disregarden and we added a lovely hand painted dresser-turned-sideboard to McC's new dining room. (Which they so kindly delivered. Big news from a flea market.)

But Disregarden had so much more to offer. And if they'd had any piece I actually needed for my house, (or could have fit) I would have walked away with something myself. Disregarden is an adorable husband and wife team who source, restore and style awesome furniture pieces and accessories. Jessica not only has awesome taste and a wicked sense of humor (the quotes on their framed chalkboards were off beat to say the least. I loved 'em!) but also, curly blonde hair, which of course an early indicator of badassery. They do other stylings and even furniture rentals. So check them out. Because they pretty much rock. 

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