Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rachel Potter - Live The Dream

What a few years Rachel Potter has had! I've said before-- one of the only things that's really genuinely encouraging after so many years in the biz is having being able to see the arc of someone's success in hindsight. I remember sunny summer afternoons in Astoria park with Rachel talking about the struggle. 

At the time, she singing in a wedding band and feeling sort of dissatisfied with auditioning. She'd always been high on my list for Muffin in VOTE! at some point. Often, I wish I had more going on only so I could hire more of my friends. We talked about all the discouraging things that had ever been said to us and how we tried to shake them off. 

Shortly after I left for Scotland, all the good stuff started happening for Rachel. She got Wednesday in The Addams Family and then The Mistress in Evita. She's always done her own original music, and now that is taking off like whoa. Case in point, her new video airing on CMT, "Live The Dream." 

There's a lot of reasons to love this video. Most of mine include the obscene amounts of friends yukking it up in the background. Yours might also include Ricky Martin. (!) Check it out. Live the Dream, people. 

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