Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Scapegoat - Now on Netflix

I've really been feeling the glut in quality British programming these days. I have a list of all the things I know about and then I scour the internet until I find a method of watching them. I've been looking for the post-war set The Scapegoat for a while now. 

Based on the Daphe du Maurier novel, this flick has everything. Doppelgangers, the turn over from one monarch to the next, mistaken identities, multiple mistresses, cool old cars, and one of my favorite estates I visited on many travels through the UK, Knebworth House. I'm also quite partial to Matthew Rhys ever since he played Dylan Thomas. 

And last night, lo and behold, they had added it to Netflix. So I snuggled into my bed and took a trip back to foggy Britain. I woke up this morning and Los Angeles felt a bit British-- grey and drizzly. It'll be sure to burn off into sunshine by noon. But if you've got Netflix, I suggest checking out this film. 

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