Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Links Brought to You by My Boyfriend, Albert Camus

Are you the busiest ever? That's how I feel. So bring it straight to the links. I'm off to have lunch with my old college girlfriend. Haven't seen her since her wedding in 2005!! Have a fabulous Friday!

- My friends in Edi alerted me that my church is for sale! WHAT!?
- I bet my friends say this about me.
- This sounds about right. Oh sleep. Oh depression. 
- Six Feet Under style end of The Office
- My buddy Mark Fisher's new website for Mark Fisher Fitness.                                
- 15 great Sylvia Plath quotes
- This
- Glad this whole mess got cleared least on Disney's website!
- I like a lot of those dating shows, but I'd watch this one.
- Speaking of dating, my other cosmic boyfriend, Camus, is celebrating the centenary of his birth this year and even has a new book out-- The Algerian Chronicles. Not bad for someone who died in 1960. He's like Tupac.

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