Monday, May 27, 2013

Washed Out - Parascosm - August

Summer just feels lacking if there's not a Washed Out record. I'm sad we'll have to wait until Summer's almost over to have this new one, Paracosm

I grew up spending summers with the Sextons and the Greenes in Perry. Blair, Ernie's now wife, and her family are responsible for some of my favorite childhood memories. Her grandmother, Billie, is almost as important to my juvenile education as my own grandmother.  

I'm happy for this little teaser video, but wish we could have a little more to go on. A single perhaps? Either way, we know Ernie's experimenting with a lot more instruments. Fifty, from what I'm told. Maybe I'll write and ask for an advance copy...winkwink. Let the summer begin! I think I'm going to blast some "Amor Fati" on my way down PCH to Pacific Palisades today. Pool Party!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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