Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Message to Shaping Sound on Opening Night

Before Shaping Sound officially opens tonight, I want to take a minute to talk about the richness of what this experience has given me and what spending 5 weeks with a group of dancers like them has taught me.

I've always known that fundamentally, I lead a cerebral life. I'm a writer. I'm mostly by myself. And if you asked where life exists, I'd easily be able to answer  that life happens in the brain; in my mind. I barely use my body. In many ways, I'm uncomfortable in it. But at the very least, I largely see it as the vessel which stores and facilitates my mind. (Special thanks to hands and fingers for the typing skills.)

I don't live in my body. In fact, I rarely even experience physical contact with other people. But these guys... man. These guys. They live so fully in their bodies. In every way. The way they relate to each other, to the world. The hugs I've gotten these past weeks. 

And more than being inspired by the work they do-- truly one of the most beautiful things I've seen on stage, in 10 years of working in live entertainment-- they have inspired me to be aware of how I live in my body. And to live in it. Get out of my head and into the physical space I'm lucky enough to occupy with those 16 ethereal, funny, drastic, precise, beautiful beings. 

More thanks than I can say, guys. For the lessons, for letting me be a part of it-- one of the best professional and artistic experiences of my career. I'm utterly invested in your success. 

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