Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Mothering Day

It's no secret I'm not a massive fan of this holiday for personal reasons. But I do like to mark this day every year by thanking the women who serve as my surrogate mothers. 

Since I moved to LA, Susan Damante has been a treasure. Having a Buddha-mom like her is a blessing. My Godmother, Lucie, is always shining with her special blend of bright golden love & F-bombs. 

And then there's Dena. What a funny little twist of fate to end up with a surrogate mom who knows me so well, helps me in just the right way, and often seems psychically plugged into my brain. It's no wonder my friends call her my guardian angel. 

Mothering is a verb to me. A lot of people are mothering and nurturing a lot of people all the time. This day is about that for me. 

Plus! For fun, check out this photog mom who dressed her kid up like all kinds of inspirational women.

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