Friday, March 15, 2013

Peace Out, Mercury in Retrograde Friday Links

Who's excited for Mercury to get the eff out of retrograde this weekend?? I know I am! My poor command center alpha is no longer able to communicate with some of its programs the way it needs to, so I've invested in the future of littlewow and a new Command Center Alpha arrives on Monday just in time to start kicking ass with a clean cosmic slate. Hallelujah. 27 inches of awesome. 

Not being able to solve problems continues to be a huge source of weird anxiety for me. Any problem I can't solve on my own in a matter of 2-3 hours makes me kind of depressed. I'm really working on this, but I think I'm always going to prefer at the end of the day to be my own one woman army. 

In any case, tech-stewing aside, there's a lot to be really happy and motivated about lately. Enough waxing, you say. Take me to the links!

- Here's what they thought LA of 2013 would look like back in 1988.
- I'm still super bummed about the demise of google reader. And not impressed by alternatives.
- If people talked about Seinfeld they way they do Girls.
- This has been making the rounds, but it's damn good.
- This.
- Ma' Girl, Claire Vaye Watkins winning all kinds of awards and being everywhere!
- Children from around the world pose with their favorite possessions.
- The ten best famous graves. (Keats! Represent!)
- The life you might have lived. Missing Out by Adam Phillips.

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