Friday, March 22, 2013

Get Up Friday Links

Hard to say what takes the cake this week for scariest thing. Walking out to find my car vandalized yesterday was definitely up there. Slashed tires, bent antenna, on my way to an important meeting-- I felt pretty exposed. But all around, I'd say this week has been one of strange, confusing reality checks on all fronts. Well, I'm alive still. And have an adorable puppy to cuddle with at least for a few days.

And this morning I woke up to an email from one of my favorite friends and young performers in the UK who needed some encouragement. Giving that encouragement to others is the fastest way to encourage myself. Believing in the abilities of others is the fastest way to remember how to believe in myself.

Your links:
- Ageless, Timeless, Forever: Paul Rudd.
- Interesting. Diamonds are bullshit.
- Oh, how good people are at misperceiving.
- The hottest hunks of Broadway.
- Yay, Cronin
- If guns in movies were replaced with thumbs up.
- 50 most perfectly timed photos.
- How to be like Madeleine.
- More forgotten places.

Finally, some songs for your weekend. Get up. Let's dance. 
- Jesse Ware
- Robin Thicke + TI + Pharrell. 

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