Friday, March 29, 2013

Art in the Burn Off Friday Links

Isolation really makes me start to see things from the weirdest corners of my perspective. It's not untrue, it's just slanted and very very peripheral. Which is why I was so glad this week to stop depriving myself of the company of others as some kind of punishment for the things I've yet to figure out. 

Thankful for more work coming my way, always for the hikes, for Latte, for friends and champions visiting from New York, for all the possibilities that remain open, the people who haven't yet told me no definitively. 

Also, it's my birthday next week. I'm not thrilled about the number, but I am excited for an excuse to celebrate in multiple cities, as is becoming my style.

Here are your links:

- Um, this whisky residue art is amazingly beautiful. Art + whisky. Perfect.
- What it was like to be a TGIF sitcom writer.
- Good interview with composer/lyricist of Matilda, Tim Minchin.
- Kate Makkai on prettiness
- Amanda Palmer at TED on the Art of Asking.
- I was cool with Les Miz, but this honest trailer is pretty great.
- The tunnels of the newest East Side NYC subway.
- Isolation or loneliness that shortens our lifespans?
- The UK Border Agency is being scrapped for parts? Do I rejoice or cower in fear?

- This is adorable. Though, you notice there are basically no dating books geared at men. Because they don't care. Hilarity. I wonder how terrible the book that goes with this is...

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