Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday - The Twilight Sad

While Kade and I were at the Frightened Rabbit concert, we also got the chance to check out fellow Scottish rockers, The Twilight Sad. These boys are from Kilsyth, between Glasgow and Sterling and my previous knowledge of them consisted only of the fact that they participated in Scottish supergroup The Fruit Tree Foundation along with Idlewild, Frightened Rabbit, Alasdair Roberts and many others.

They definitely don't encompass the range of textures that FR does, but they certainly belong a Scottish mood that sometimes you just have to put yourself in if the world hasn't nudged you or slammed you there already. I mean pretty much every song they have is 5-7 minutes long. They're not afraid to wallow. 

I was digging this little Takeaway Concert from them on Vimeo. Other favorites are "Climbing Up the Walls," and "Here it Never Snowed. Afterwards it did." Hope you're having an awesome Monday. And if you're not, The Twilight Sad is probably the band for you. 

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