Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Untitled Scribble

As I mentioned, I've been feeling a little guilty about how little writing has been on this blog lately. And I definitely haven't been posting any fiction. Perhaps because I've been so focused on scripts, etc and haven't been writing any. Will you accept this humble prose-poem instead? I'm reluctant to even call it that. I'd really prefer to stick with 'scribbling,' since that's really more accurate. I ran across it in one of my notebooks, wedged in between edit notes, lyrics, and the outline of a pilot. I wrote it back in January-- at least I had the good sense to date it, because I don't even remember writing it. 

When you couldn't have her
You'd turn to me
When things turned South
You turned to me
And whenever you'd sigh
at the place
where the pavement ended
You'd turn your thoughts to me.

To making a home
at the end of the world for a moment
with me

But like all things in the modern world
There is no impeding progress
and no sooner had the road run out
then someone paved it farther
out into the distance
of newest possibilities and wildest dreams

You kiss my cheek
and thank me for the company
in your despair and wandering
You curl your grin,
settle your hat
and set out again on the road to the prize.

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