Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bringing Your Pomeranian to a Silver Lake Wine Tasting

Considering just about every hipster, aspiring starlet, and jogger in Los Angeles has a dog  they bring along almost everywhere you go, McC and I didn't think it would be a big deal to bring Latte to this wine tasting/fancy food truck extravaganza at Silver Lake Wine on Monday night. I mean, I brought him to a bar in NoHo on Saturday night and that twink was a hit! 

Much to our dismay, we may have picked the one place it wasn't cool to bring a pooch. wWhile there was outside seating, there was no wine outside and no puppies inside. Latte was still as popular ever with other dogs and humans alike, so at least his feelings weren't hurt and his reputation as the life of the party is still intact.

As a work around, we ate our fancy food truck food (well, some of us had fancy food like brisket and lamb ragoo lasagna 'cupcakes' from Heirloom and others, ie me, had cheap and extremely spicy tacos from the other truck) taking turns watching Latte and then grabbing wine. We sampled two extremely mellow (bordering on boring) wines first-- a rose' and a tempranillo before partaking in an amazing Merlot I meant to get the name of. McC bought a bottle though, so I hope to taste its deliciousness again soon. 

I also cleansed my pallet with a red velvet raspberry cake-let from Cake Monkey. Evening = success. God Bless Silver Lake...where even the fancy food trucks get parking tickets while trying to make a buck.

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