Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haviland's HOT new dance track - MKE Maximum Energy

Friend/Performer/Mover/Shaker-Extraordinaire Haviland Stillwell has been working on a new dance album since I got to LA. I remember listening to some early tracks in her prius my first week here and loving  the super different direction she was going in. I mean, afterall, she's a legit soprano, not to mention the first person to ever sing VOTE! besides yours truly.

Well, this is nothing like musical theatre, but it has drama and theatricality to spare! Not to mention, enlightened ideas and a beat that made me instantly download and add to my hiking/running/cardio onslaught playlist. 

Also, I've heard the concept for the impending video and I cannot wait to see it fully realized. I'm even thinking about lobbying for a cameo. Maybe not. I don't know about my intergalactic dance moves...

Get your very own copy right here on itunes

Hav is supported by a whole bunch of other cool people I love too. So let's give them their due for some stellar (see what I did there, intergalactic friends) work on this!

written by Haviland Stillwell
produced by Mike Schlosser
mastered by Sonic House Post
cover design by Heather J. Weiss
photo by Sabrina Bringuier

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