Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The World Only Spins....

I'm off to vote. When I was in college, I sort of thought I was unelectable, so gave up any ambitions I had about working in politics myself. (That and the fact that I get so worked up about it, I figured it was probably the fastest road to my own early demise.) 

So I put all my care and effort on political issues into writing. And you don't have to look hard to see that almost all of my major projects-- certainly the musicals-- have complex political issues (and some satirical ones) at their core. I've said before, but it's worth reiterating that nothing makes me feel more like I'm doing my civic duty than when I see young people who have internalized the message of VOTE!

Today, I feel like I live in a country where I'm a much more electable candidate. So while I have no plans to stop writing musicals any time soon, I'm glad to know we're moving towards a more inclusive nation. One where, if I wanted to, I could. Being a blonde Buddhist girl who'd like to see all my gay friends married wouldn't exclude me. I believe we'll re-up our commitment to that today. Participating in your own destiny is your right and also your great challenge. 

See you at the polls. 

BONUS. This is one of the coolest things. Leave it to The Guardian to make this amazing graphic novel about the American Presidential Election. You get in there, Brits.

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